Monday, July 15, 2013

Jackson Kilroy Review by Bio-Bil

I briefly test paddled a Kilroy at the New Melones Madness Tournament and I was hooked instantly. I immediately noticed how fast this boat is. Dan compares it with the Cuda 12, but I think it is faster even then the Cuda 14. Needless to say, I now have one sitting in my garage. And once I got it, it needed testing, so I decided to take it out to the Cosumnes River Preserve and try to catch some bluegill and bass on a fly.

All of your gear can be safely transported stowed in the boat.
Once launched, I started paddling and noticed something. Silence. The Kilroy is definitely the stealthiest of the fleet. If you concentrate on pulling your paddle slowly through the water (the noise of the paddle cutting through the water is the only sound made in this boat) you can move in absolute silence! The fish will never know what hit them.

Decked out.
Here I actually have 3 rods on the right and 2 on the left, all totally out of the way.
The next feature that I like in the Kilroy is the way that the horizontal rod holders are set up. In a Jackson sit on top I find that if I put spinning rods in the horizontal rod holders my feet are always hitting the larger lower guides. In the Kilroy, the rod holders have been mounted well out of the way so there is no interference between your feet and your rod. These holders will accommodate rods up to 9 feet long, as much as you'll need for fly fishing flat water. The other nice feature of the Kilroy is that by having a deck you can slide your rod under the deck between spots, completely protecting it from brush, rather than just protecting the tip.

View from the captains seat.
The final thing I wanted to test was stand up stability. This is the most stable boat in the Jackson fleet. I was even able to turn and face the shore while the boat was parallel to the shore and put both feet on one side of the boat. I spent most of my fishing fly casting from a standing position.

My final plug for the Kilroy is with 4 tracks, the dashboard, and an included ram rod holder,  you really don't need to purchase anything extra other than a paddle and a pfd.

In my opinion, the Kilroy ties the Coosa for best fishing Kayak in production and if you are only interested in flat water paddling, this is the best boat currently made.

Even though I was distracted checking out all of the features on the Kilroy, I did manage to do well catching bluegill.

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  1. The next level for the JAckson Kilroy!