Friday, August 31, 2012

White Sea Bass Adventure!

Post by Headwaters Guest contributor: James McGrew

Here's the tale of the biggest fish I ever caught, happened on 8/29/2012.

So I get home from work at about 1am Wednesday morning load gear and catch 2 hours sleep. I met a bunch of guys at the launch and I figure this many yaks today will be epic. Myself, Mike an Howard launch into a killer sunrise and paddle/peddle out to the honey hole. I fish around for a while for a few little bumps that don't stick when Mike comes on the radio an calls me over to him. There here he said this is the spot. Not 5 mins later I get a tap tap and I set hook hard. Didn't feel like much just kinda sat on the bottom. Mike asked me if I was on and I told him yeah but I think a Hali. Then the fish realized it was hooked an headed for the farallons post haste. I waved good by to everyone as I began my long sleigh ride.

I lost all track of time as well as my bearings. This being my first time out for WSB I had earlier picked the brain of the magnificent Mike/solsfr1, I remember him telling me 15 or 20 mins into a fight and they kinda give up. I figured I'd been at it for around 30 the the radio went off and Mike was worried about me I told him I was still fighting and that I would keep in touch. Fast fore ward another 30 mins and I finally start to gain a little line. Then I saw it.... My heart rate jumped and my eyes went all oogley. It was more than I expected. When it surfaced like a noob I just reached down and bare hand grabbed the sucker by the gills and yarded him into my yak. I made short work of bleeding and beating him, then I pause to look around. Crap I'm all alone couldn't see any boats or yaks and it had become foggy as hell without me knowing. 
After a moment I finally decide I prolly should have taken my gps out of my truck. Oops. So I heard the whistle buoy and headed to it. Once I got there I radio'd mike for directions. He said follow the son bro, and that led me right back to the crew. 
I couldn't get this monster into my tankwell on my own so I had been cruising around in my Revo with the fish in between my legs. So Mike and Howard came to my aid and the 3 of us managed to get him all secured. Feeling a little tippy with the added weight I decided to stop fishing and just hang with the boys and ride the high that still hasn't worn off.
So everyone went back I fishing after a few pics and scoping my catch. I hung around with Al/Hobiesomething and we headed in together. Took a few more pics at the launch ramp then headed to the bait shop for ice and weight. 54 inches long and 47 pounds, Truly the fish of my lifetime.

All in all epic day on the water killer company.