Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spicer Kayak Camping

     Few things make a man feel like a man besides roughing it in the woods on a weekend camping trip. Throw in a pair of kayaks and setting up camp out of them after a seven mile paddle into the wilderness, and you have got yourself a weekend camping trip. The annual Miller Spicer Reservoir kayak camping trip revolves around the timing of the trout spawn that drives the lake dwelling fish up into the mouths of the snow run off creeks. Nestled back in the no motor zone of the lake, and several miles hike from the nearest road, you can be sure to have little to no neighbors besides eagles, osprey, deer, bear, and of course, fish.
     The two night, two day trip provided us with fishing, paddling, jaw dropping sights, hiking, camping, gourmet campfire food, and father and son bonding. The fishing was excellent with the rubber legged prince nymph being the hot fly of the trip. The paddling and sight seeing was incredible as you go into wilderness that is nearly untouched. A beautiful campsite by the water provides the perfect dining room to devour a mass amount of trout tacos and watch the sun set after a day of rippin lips.

                                                    Consolidating the camping gear

                                          Distributing the weight of gear evenly in the boats

                                 All the gear needed for a 2-3 day camping trip out of 2 kayaks

                                                       Making use of all available space

                                            About time to leave, ditching school for a day!

                                           Unexpected rain storm, I felt like George Clooney 
                                               in the Perfect Storm for a couple of minutes

                               Not only is this beautiful, but it made for excellent dry fly action!

                                                        Sunset after our arrival to camp

                                                             Time to unload the boats

                                        Living the good life and earning your food, priceless

                                                                 Nothing like a fire

                                         Hiking up the mountain along side Highland Creek

                                          Still some snow above the tree line, awesome view

                                         I gained a bit of altitude on my hike, I got caught up 
                                   following a group of deer and did not realize how far I went!


                                                    A nice 20 inch spawning rainbow.

                                              The end of the first morning for the two of us.

                                                     Paddling into some flooded timber 

                                                          Approaching a load noise

                                                     Bam! Only to find a hidden waterfall

                                                Last fish of the trip, filling out our two day 
                                         possession limits. A nice fish to top off the ol' smoker