Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home Made Jackson Cuda Scupper Transducer

After seeing the new Lowrance scupper transducer mount work so well on Jackson Kayak, a customer of mine decided to figure out a cheap way to do this for other fish finders. In this case we installed a Garmin transducer.

Step 1: Use an 8" piece of electrical grade PVC pipe with threads on one end. Cut the pipe so the threads would just stick up above the deck and the transducer is just tucked into the scupper so it wouldn't drag.

Step 2: Drill a 1/4" hole in the pipe and bolt the transducer to it. The wire runs right through the pipe.

Step 3: Cut a piece of pool noodle to fit around the pipe. This keeps the system snug in the scupper hole.

Step 4: Next install the electrical deck plate to on the top of the scupper. Ours came with a nice foam gasket that helped keep the system quiet and clean.

Thats it! Less than $20 for a super easy clean install for any Jackson Kayak. The expenive part is buying the Jackson.  :smt003 It works great, and its easy to take apart and clean.

We installed an eyebrow fitting to run the wire through and backed it up with some silicone.

So there you have it. Enjoy  :smt006

Threaded PVC Pipe with Transducer bolted on. 

Rubber washes help keep the Transducer from rotating around. 

Threaded fixture plate with gasket. 

Screwing the Transducer into the scupper hole. 

Clean baby! 

Sunk in just enough to not hit as you run it aground.  


  1. Looks clean, is that in the tank well? I am not a fan of loosing a foot or seat well scupper. The water needs to flow freely to launch in the surf.

  2. It's under the seat. With 8 giant scuppers and a low profile tankwell draining in the surf is still a non issue. This is one of the fastest draining kayaks out there. P.S. there is no tankwell scuppers. The tankwell is at a angle to allow water to drain under the seat. Use the same scupper system in my coosa when running class 3 water and it never throws off the stability.

  3. I like it. Even if you happen to have a small stick up or branch hit the transducer and get stuck in the scupper the worst that would happen is your transducer and mounting plate would be pushed up.

  4. I love it, I think this is the only Scupper mount idea that I have found that works on a Jackson. I'm surprised Jackson hasn't pick up on this. Real clean. Only one question. where did you find the plastic elbow for the wire. I have seen them before when I didn't need them. But you know how it goes when you need something. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  5. Had been looking for something to do with my Jackson Coosa. Found many that "worked" but just didnt look clean. But loved this idea. Had to slightly modify it as my Humminbird transducer is different then the Garmin. And the 1/2" pvc wouldnt just fit the transducer without modification. But very happy with results. Step by step here.

  6. You have a link for the deck plate you used?

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